•  hydroX3 fishing float rigged with clear trace and a lure, sitting next too a gold fishing reel. Fishing floats australia made. Where can I buy HYDROX3 fishing float

    Fishing Floats Revolutionised


Fishing Floats Revolutionised

1st Multi-use Fishing Float of its kind


One Float, Multiple Uses

TIPS - How to use as a Float

For night or early morning fishing sessions, it features glow in the dark end caps.

Simply use a flash light or your mobile phone light to quickly charge the end caps before casting in low light.

For extra luminosity, glowsticks can easily be added.

Both end caps can be removed to access the inside of the float. Simply unscrew the ends, add glowsticks, rattle balls to draw attention or weight to increase your casting distance.

TIPS - How to use as a Popper

Its tough polycarbonate body is strong with a 4mm line guide and can be rigged with heavy mono trace or wire.

Attach hooks and weight to achieve the ideal cast and popping action.

TIPS - How to use as a Teaser

Rig it any way you want to attract fish to your trailing lure. The options are endless.

A chain-rig of multiple teasers can enhance effect or simply add buoyancy.

When trolling your line at speed, the unique shape has amazing action.

Two fishing floats with red and white ends and sinkers

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